How scarce resources to furnish a school with?

Municipal administration of Jõelähtme has completely renovated Loo Secondary School. However, the very first stage revealed that the Municipality is only able to invest 60,000 EUR in new furnishings of the planned 200,000 EUR. The Municipality and the School fees started looking for solutions for the newly renovated building not to be furnished with old…

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Equity vs. external financing

Recently, lease based on operating lease has been widely used for acquisition of whatever furniture and equipment. Below, you will find a small overview of the company’s capital structure. Planning strategic company’s capitalisation, the management and the owners ought to pay special attention to several aspects. In essence, the company’s purpose is to ensure the…

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Modern learning environments available with lease solutions

For years, Tallinn Education Department has been implementing a solution for furnishing schools and kindergartens based on operating lease. In 2010, 4 schools were furnished with the help of lease. In 2012, Nord Varaliising helped furnish 2 high schools and 2 kindergartens. The most recent major furnishing works were fulfilled in Kuristiku Gymnasium, Läänemere Gymnasium,…

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