FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

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  • How much time does the whole process take?

    A financing decision is made within 1-7 business day.

    If a positive decision is made on application, the contract can be concluded immediately.

    If necessary, we will visit you to conclude the contract.

  • What does it take to make a financing decision?

    The data of a company or an agency applying for lease.

    A price quote for the assets you are looking to acquire.

    The company’s financial data (not older than 3 months).

    Information about the desired length of the lease period.

  • Why consider lease purchase?

    Lease down payment is 0%

    Lease does not require additional collateral.

    Lease is not shown in loan commitments.

    Lease enables to have free funds to be used elsewhere.

  • Does our offer also include insurance?

    Indeed, all assets specified in our contracts are automatically insured.

    Insurance provides you with a sense of security; that is, should any accident happen during the lease period, resulting in you no longer being able to use the assets, Nord Varaliising will replace the damaged assets for you to be able to continue using them.

    Also, insurance is required by the funder, which helps further reduce risks and maintain favourable assets.

  • Why enter into a lease contract in cooperation with our company?

    Nord Varaliising offers lease solutions for acquiring all kinds of movable assets.

    Banks finance equipment and furnishings in cooperation with Nord Varaliising as we deal with later realization of assets should it be necessary – the one thing banks deal unwillingly with.

    Nord Varaliising also offers a full-service lease, which includes insurance and, if necessary, maintenance, transportation, installation, and other auxiliary services.

    We have a long-term experience in the field of lease, owing to which we are able to find the best possible financial solution for the assets you are looking to acquire.

  • Are there suitable lease solutions available also for public institutions?

    Are there suitable lease solutions available also for public institutions?

  • How to I apply form Russia

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