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Nowadays, lease makes it possible to finance all movable assets, not just vehicles. Assets are business tools for institutions or companies. Funds released from tools can be invested, which is directly related to business activities. The lease process is fast, convenient, and flexible.


All movable assets can be leased

There are 2 possibilities to select assets:

  • you can either choose a suitable supplier
  • or we can help you find one

You can lease assets starting from 600 EUR; the upper limit has not been set.

Since we are a regular bigger customer for suppliers, we can offer best prices also on small quantities.


Monthly payments are fixed for the entire lease period and include insurance

The lease period can be up to 5 years; choose the most suitable lease period 

  • Down Payment: 0%
  • Residual Value: 1%

At the end of the period, it is possible to buy assets bearing their residual value.

The whole process is quick, without leaving the desk.

For schools, we have drawn up a special contract that does not include financial commitments going over the fiscal year.

Schools can also apply for full payment holiday for the summer months.


All leased assets are automatically insured

Insurance payments are included in monthly payments

  • Nord Varaliising takes care of asset insurance
  • Insurance cover is valid for the entire lease period

We will assist you should an insurance case occur

Should you need special solutions, we will supplement the insurance policy with an addendum

Additional values

Lease enables to use free funds elsewhere.

A full-service lease enables you to include various assets in one contract:

  • Operating lease is not covered by loan commitments
  • Unlike loans, there is no need for additional collateral
  • The VAT-registered are able to recover VAT on monthly payments

Under lease contracts, we also provide project management services from asset acquisition to their installation, or the so-called “turnkey” solution.

Project management can be included in lease contracts, for which no additional fee applies.

Counselling – we deal with daily acquisition of various assets and have a very good understanding of both quality and prices.

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